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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I search for my address?

The search bar above lets you check to see if your location is in DFT’s service area, as well as which of our services are available to you.

  • If we provide service to your location, you can add available services to you cart and sign up directly through this web portal. A DFT Customer Service Representative will then contact you to confirm your choices, and to schedule your installation.
  • If your location is an area we plan to provide service, you can pre-register now to be first in line to receive your services when they are available.
  • If we currently do not offer service in your location and have no current plans to, we will mark you down as being interested if service is ever expanded into your neighborhood.

Do I need to pay anything now?

Filling out this form is completely free!

If service is available at your location and you are signing up, you will be contacted by a DFT Communications Customer Service Representative to finalize your order, including establishing your billing. 

Where can I learn more about DFT Communications' services?

You can learn more about all of the services offered by DFT Communications on our website, or by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and X. Check beck often for the latest news about new DFT services and promotions!